Reclaiming Creative Time

2015-03-04 12.12.30Hello Readers,

I  have been away too long  from this site and I miss the interaction.  The purpose of  today’s blog is to reclaim my creative time.  I have been making art that sells well at craft fairs and the farmer’s market.  But it is time to spread my wings and work on getting my art into a gallery.  I think I am ready to try.

It is scary but exciting.  I need to be focused and committed to going in my studio and working regularly.  By  returning to blogging, I am holding my feet to the fire and making myself accountable to my friends and new readers.  My goal is to produce a portfolio or a body of work that uses printmaking elements and collage elements that reflect my artistic vision.

I hope by sharing my experiences you will feel inspired to reclaim your creative time.

I am an avid gardener. I have been working hard to make my garden butterfly friendly. I am  demonstrating a butterfly because I  am hoping like the butterfly you will visit my blog often. I want this blog to be  a place where you feel welcome and safe to share your thoughts and experiences about what it means to lead a creative life.

Let the journey begin.  M



3 thoughts on “Reclaiming Creative Time

  1. Ah I understand completely the fear. You have the gift Marie and I know that whatever portfolio you put together will speak incredible volumes of your talent! My fears were left too long to fester and now I am knocking on a steel wall to get through to the creative side. Mr. Moose’s passing was inspiration to free me for a few hours in acrylics on canvas to commemorate him, but the wall closed on me again. Sending love and light to you my friend, and visualizing your upcoming art gallery show.

    • Thanks my dear friend. I miss you so much. Let’s keep following each other. I loved reading your blog. Maybe we should both keep trying to break the creative wall block. Moose was family and your portrait of him was awesome. Surprised you are working in acrylic. I thought oil was your thing. Are you still weaving?

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